The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. (Or, in the Rx Bot output created from Check out these samples which use the “OmniRx” presets from the service.


These samples use adaptive streaming technology (Apple HTTP Live Streaming [HLS], Adobe HTTP/RTMP Dynamic Streaming) via Wowza Media Server to deliver the video quality best suited for your connection speed. On first start of playback, the initial resolution may appear quite low, but as you watch the video, the quality of video image will improve as your connection speed improves. The benefits of adaptive streaming over traditional web video delivery are:

  • Near instant playback (minimum buffering time on first play)
  • Bandwidth friendly for wide range of wireless and wired connection speeds
  • Responsive seek times
  • Limited cached content on the user’s system (the entire video file is not downloaded as one file to the browser)
  • Reduced bandwidth costs for the video content owner

The Hobbit trailer (adaptive up to 720p, encoded and streamed from

Other adaptive streaming examples:


If you have video that’s under a few minutes in length and don’t want to optimize for various connection speeds, you can encode your video into one or more formats to host on your own web server or ours. Unlike adaptive streaming, a progressive download video may not load quickly on a slower network connection, and you may not be able to seek within the video as accurately or quickly.

The Hobbit trailer (41.7MB 720p encoded and hosted on

The Hobbit trailer (100MB 720p on Apple’s trailer site, over 2x the size of the version)


YouTube version of The Hobbit trailer


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