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We offer services for just about every aspect of online video applications, from video encoding to browser-based video players to customized live streaming.

VIDEO ENCODING provides best-in-class encoding services for any type of video compression, specializing in AVC/H.264, WebM, and optimized bitrates for adaptive streaming to smartphones, tablets, and desktops. You can utilize our encoding services in two ways: automated online encoding and customized encoding.

Automated online encoding

Create an account on and start uploading your video source files right now. If you have under 10GB of source files to compression, we recommend using this option. Most online encoding services provided by are free to members. The following services are provided at no cost upon registration:

  • Storage for uploaded video files, up to 5 GB for basic accounts.
  • Motion analysis of uploaded video files.
  • Creation of Rx Bot or manual presets.
  • Submission of preset and source files for an encoding job.
  • Full length streaming previews of your encoded output.

When you confirm your member account via e-mail, you receive 10 complimentary credits. More credits can be purchased at the cost of USD$1 per credit. After you encode your source file with a preset and preview the quality of the video, you can decide if you want to purchase the encoded output with credits, or continue to submit encoding jobs until you achieve the quality you need. The credit cost is listed with each encoding job. It’s simple to estimate your cost for encoding on 1 credit per minute* of the source video file’s duration!

Encoded video duration is rounded up to the nearest minute.

If your encoding job creates several video files packaged together for an adaptive bitrate video experience, the cost of the encoded output is the sum of each video included in the package, discounted by 30%. For example, if the adaptive output includes three video files, originating from a source file with a duration of 4 minutes and 45 seconds, each video file’s credit cost is calculated and added together for the final cost:

  • Highest resolution: 1280×720, 5 credits
  • Second resolution: 960×540, 5 credits
  • Third resolution: 640×360, 5 credits

Total credit cost: 15 credits, discounted by 30%: 11 credits.

* Bulk pricing discounts for ongoing monthly usage is also available. Fill out our contact form with your encoding requirements for a quote.

Custom encoding specifications and output

Send us your super-sized HD masters (e.g. Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, and more) and we’ll transfer the files to our server farm for on-site encoding. We can turn around over 3,000 hours of HD output in under 48 hours! Our video doctor, Robert Reinhardt, will work with you to select the best output formats and bitrates for your intended delivery. We can overnight you a hard drive with return labels so that there’s less hassle on your end. Contact us for more information about this service.

STREAMING & HOSTING currently offers the following plans for streaming:

  • Tier 1: $10/month = 10 GB file storage, 10 GB transfer
  • Tier 2: $20/month = 25 GB file storage, 20 GB transfer
  • Tier 3: $50/month = 100 GB file storage, 100 GB transfer
  • Tier 4: $100/month = 500 GB file storage, 200 GB transfer
  • $1 per GB of transfer over plan allotment
  • $1 per GB of storage over plan allotment1
  • Optional: $20/month: Token authentication gateway service2
1 If you require more storage than 500GB, we can arrange a custom tier that would end up being cheaper than $1/GB.
2 Protects your content from unauthorized usage. Requires client-side code to be integrated with your video player.
Billing cycles are every 30 days from start of service. Discounts are available for prepayment of 6 months or greater.


We are experts in the field of live streaming high-quality content to desktop and mobile browsers, as well as customized mobile and desktop applications. Using our customized Wowza Media Server cloud-based network, we can deliver adaptive bitrates with dynamic encoding (or “transrating”) on the server network, capable of distributing live streams to over 10,000 connected viewers. We also specialize in edge-origin configurations, as well as push publishing from a dedicated Wowza Media Server to a larger content distribution network (CDN) such as Akamai or Limelight. Fill out our contact form with your requirements including duration of the live event, anticipated number of users, and video dimensions of the live stream, and we’ll get back to you with a per-user quote.