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what is videoRx.com?

videoRx.com is an online video encoding and video player deployment/hosting service, specifically optimized for the newest enhancements with HTML5 and the Adobe Flash Player. The core mission of the service is to make it easy for anyone to get optimal video compression quality without much, if any, client-side technical awareness of the video encoding process. Anyone can sign up for an account and begin uploading source files: video files that your clients provide to you to put on their sites, or video you output from a video editing or effects tool, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, or Apple Final Cut Pro.

We also offer consulting and development services surrounding video applications for our clients, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Using the videoRx.com proprietary analysis system, we’ve encoded video campaigns for global sportswear companies and healthcare service companies. We build live event streaming solutions for desktop and mobile using our cloud-based scalable streaming system. Call us at +1 (877) 537-9288 or fill out our contact form to review your requirements.

how is videoRx.com different from other services?

After the video is uploaded, the service automatically analyzes your uploaded file for motion complexity–this process takes a little time, but with a unique result. The motion analysis engine steps through the uploaded video frame by frame and stores a history of the differences between frames in the videoRx database. This data is then later used with Rx bot presets to create a highly efficient average bitrate for your video. Once motion analysis is complete, the service creates a thumbnail video preview of the source file. Before, during, or after the upload and analysis process, you can create a preset to encode the video to the specifications you need. Rx bot presets don’t require you to know anything about low-level technical details of the video encoding process. Rx bot presets also enable you to quickly create a adaptive or multibitrate (or MBR) video experience that you can deploy for mobile and desktop environments. videoRx.com can automate the process of creating Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), or Microsoft Smooth Streaming. You can upload source files (up to 5GB, with higher custom storage sizes available), create presets, and review all encoded output without any service fees. If you like the results of our encoding process, you can choose to buy the encoded output with credits purchased from videoRx.com.

why use videoRx.com?

So what makes videoRx.com different than other video encoders or services? Simply put, videoRx creates customized video output tailored to each video source file. The Rx bot preset calculations apply all of the work I’ve put into video bitrate formulas for AVC/H.264, WebM, and FLV codecs, and integrate the detailed data gathered from the service’s motion analyzer to encode the best possible quality at a video and audio bitrate suitable for your project needs. A fast action movie trailer will have a higher bitrate then a low activity video such a talking head interview. Video is encoded with professional software proven in the industry-the service doesn’t use just one encoding solution. Over the last decade, we’ve conducted extensive tests to compare the video output across industry-standard high-end video encoding systems.

who built videoRx.com?

videoRx.com is the creation of [the MAKERS], under the stewardship of Robert Reinhardt, a world-renowned video encoding and streaming expert. We at [the MAKERS] are building videoRx.com to enable web professionals and content producers to deliver high quality video for any web or desktop project. We’ve been involved with professional video production, encoding, and deployment for over ten years. Robert’s built video bitrate calculators and encoding guidelines, published in his books and on Adobe’s site. More recently, [theMAKERS] provided the encoding services for Nike SB’s acclaimed Chronicles and Debacle documentaries, among the first ever full-length 720p HD web experiences for skateboarding on the web.

Our service is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. All new members automatically receive 10 free credits to use the service. So go ahead and start uploading! Thank you for coming to videoRx.com.

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